Zurich – survival & city guide

Zurich is an only 5 hours’ drive away from Luxembourg. First of all: We both love Switzerland. As an Austrian native, I am missing mountains, fresh air and the dialect all the time. My girlfriend on the other hand loves the country because of the kindness of its people, the delicious food and the amazing ski-slopes. We both try to come to Switzerland at least 2-3 times during snowboarding season.



Very important:

  • Switzerland has a road tax system and you need to buy a vignette, which is valid for 1 year and costs 40 CHF. We highly recommend buying the vignette before entering the country in order to avoid long waiting hours at the border. Car clubs like ACL, öAMTC or ADCS sell them. A passport or ID is necessary to cross the Swiss border. It said that the border controls are very strict but we haven’t experienced that, probably due to our Luxemburgish plate. We always got waved through.



  • Stick to the speed limit according to the signs. Everybody sticks to it. If you don’t drive as prescript, it’s going to get very expensive and in extreme cases, the authorities will disqualify you from driving. Unfortunately, the speeding tickets will be send to your country of residence in Switzerland.



  • Public transport: very expensive (a day ticket is about 20€) but compared to parking fees and gas prices, this is the cheaper option. The SBB is very punctual, the trains are usually clean and connections are good.





Restaurants don’t always have to be expensive in Zurich. Indeed, the prices are adapted according to the wages in the country, but some places offer good food for reasonable prices. We usually cook dinner by ourselves when we are visiting Zurich but we were able to test some restaurants as well.


Pizzeria Il Golosone

Uraniastrasse 20

After the CSD in Zurich we were looking for a place to eat. We were a little bit dipsy and didn’t really know where to go. Thanks to some very nice Swiss people, we found this pizzeria. The menu offered typical Italian dishes. We ordered 1 bottle of water, 1 pizza and Spaghetti Carbonara. I am usually very picky when it comes to Spaghetti Carbonara. Well, I had the best Carbonara ever. Maybe it was because we were tipsy but the bacon was sliced very thin, the sauce wasn’t too creamy and the taste was amazing. The pizza was good as well. We spent 50 CHF in total, which is totally OK for the city center of Zurich.


The best Kebab in the city: Ararat

Bertastrasse 1

Not far away from the stop Lochergut (line 2 & 3), close to the Letzigrund stadium is Zurich’s best kebab place. First, we only ordered one Dürüm, but we had to come back to get a second one because we were so convinced by it. The price for one kebab or dürüm is 8 CHF. He tried a lot of Kebabs, and this one is the best one so far. Maybe even better than the one in Cologne




Freitag Flaghip Store Zurich

Geroldstrasse 17

This store is the most innovative store in Zurich, maybe even in the world.

The bags, which are produced out of old truck canvas covers, reached a cult status. The store is not far away from the Viadukt, and its design is breathtaking: the store is built out of sea freight containers, which are stacked. It’s possible to take the staircase to the top container and enjoy an incredible view over Zurich. The visit to Freitag Store is a must and the viewing dock is for free.


Partylife in Zurich

Wine bar (we will update the name once remembered)

Good wines to very reasonable prices, a combination which is usually very hard to find in Zurich. This wine bar is the best location for a good wine tasting. Located very centrally, this bar offers a lot of different wines from all over the world. One glass is between 4-6 CHF. We have met those 2 amazing swiss ladies in this wine bar, who showed us some other bars and clubs not far away from it.


Alice Choo

Limmatstrasse 275

Well, not even entered the club yet, but already spent 40 CHF. The entry is 35 CHF; 5 CHF is the wardrobe. Drinks are incredible expensive – I assume that’s how it is in swiss clubs. When we first

checked out this location, our expectations were very high because the music sounded good and the reviews were good as well. Unfortunately, we have been disappointed. We had a cool evening together with our friends but we were not in a party mood. The audience included a lot of homophobic macho guys who gave us weird looks when we were dancing together. This is definitely not a LGBTQ friendly club.


We love going to the Zurich lake, its a beautiful lake, which is reachable directly from Zurich or the close villages like Lachen.




The pride festival in Zurich was one of our favorite LGBTQ events so far. Although Switzerland is known as a very conservative country and don’t always support equality, we have experienced it differently in Zurich. People were very kind and we felt very comfortable as a same sex couple. Expect in Alice Choo.