Zürich Pride Festival 11.06.2016

Hallo Uniqorns

How was your weekend? We did something really cool and went to the pride festival in Zurich. We were very lucky with the weather though. First of all, we would like to give a big thanks to all the people who were involved, they did an amazing job. As you can see in our video, the wagons looked great this year!


Our favourite wagon was the unicorn one, haha. The slogan of this years pride festival was #teamforlove, an amazing one, in our opinion because love is simply love, no matter who you love. Unfortunately we were only able to attend the festival on Saturday, so here is a short summery about 2 events which were fantastic: IMG_8605

Parade through the citys village and festival afterwards at Kasernenarel: AWSEOME!! Seriously, we have been to a couple prides so far and this was was so different. The festival was for free and next to the big stages you had takaways for food, a information desks of the clubs and of course a lot of drinking possibilities. The prices were alright for Zurich. The athomosphere was very good, the old and the young partied together. Although we thought its gonna rain any moment, we were very lucky.

The live acts did a very good job as well. I liked the Djs. The only negative thing to say is that the toilets were not for free. Each time, you had to pay 1 CHF. The toilets were clean but paying 1 CHF each time is a little bit too much. Anyways, this parade was the best one so far. Not just because we got a lot of free stuff like water-balls and drawstring bags, or condoms (which will definitely NOT be used ) ……

We hope to be there again next year and party with YOU! Dont forget to check out our video