Stockholm – a tasty city with expensive cocktails

Thanks to a special vacation deal from Luxair, we were able to fly to Stockholm for only 100€. The light took about 3 hours. The airport Arlanda is a little bit outside of Stockholm and there are several opportunities how to get to the city center:


Flygbussarna Bus

This bus leaves directly at the airport and stops at 2 different stations: Stockholm City and Liljeholmen. A single way costs 99 SEK, which is 10€. The bus ride is shorter than the train ride. It takes approximately 45 min to go to the city center of Stockholm.


Arlanda Express

The Arlanda Express is besides taking the taxi the fastest way to get to Stockholm, but the most expensive one as well. The train only takes 20 min to go to T-Centralen which is the main station. The single way is 280 SEK, which is 35€.


Bus + Pendeltag

The cheapest way to go to the city center of Stockholm is via public transport. First step: take the bus 583 or 589 (departure every 15 min) from the airport to Märstra. 2nd Step: take the Pendeltag, which is a train to T-Centralen in Stockholm. The single way ticket is 72 SEK (7.50€). The tickets can be easily purchased at the counter at the airport or at a vending machine. It takes about 1 hour and 15 min to go to the main station of Stockholm.


We were very lucky in term of the wetter. It was mostly sunny, we only faced rain one time. The locals in Sweden are funny peps, always nice and in a super mood. We appreciated the fact that you can get around with English pretty much everywhere. Everybody warned us in advance that Sweden is very expensive but we honestly have to say that we were not that shocked. Of course, are couple of thing more expensive but still ok. The only thing which is very expensive: Cocktails, but we will explain later.


We have been to Stockholm twice and both hotels listed below are totally recommendable. Motel L is located a little bit outside of the center, not far away from Södermalm, and the Sky Hotel Apartments are close to Fridhemsplan in Kungsholmen.

Motel L

Motel L is within 10 minutes walking distance of Södermalm. There is a tram station right in front of the hotel, if you are too lazy to walk. The hotel itself is very clean, has a modern equipment and reminds us a little bit of the German Motel one chain. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Excellent price-performance ratio.


Sky Hotel Apartments

We chose this hotel because of the location, and the fact that each room has its own kitchen. The staff is very friendly, which is like a common thing in Sweden and the room was big. We were very impressed by its clean kitchen. The underground station Fridhemsplan is 10 min away and it takes about 10 more minutes to the center of Stockholm. Breakfast is included and tastes delicious.

Alcohol is very expensive in Stockholm, compared to other western European countries. The price of a beer is about 5€, but a cocktail is so much more expensive, we once spent 20€ for a Gin cocktail. Some bars offer happy hours though.


Food & drinks


Nytorgsgatan 30

This restaurant is located in the SoFo district. SoFo is the hipster part of Stockholm. We found it by coincidence, and fell in love immediately. Meatballs is very well visited by tourists and locals. The main attraction of the restaurant is of course its meatballs, called Köttbullar in Swedish. The menu is small, they offer all kinds of meatballs with different side dishes, served with free coffee, cookies and crispbread. Very delicious and not too expensive. Please check out this place if you would like to try this traditional Swedish dish.

Flippin’ Burgers

Observatoriegatan 8

Everybody who knows us, knows that we are totally burger crazy. Stockholms apparently best burger was served in a diner called Flippin’ Burgers. The diner opens at 15:00 but when we arrived (14:45) we already noticed a big line infront of the door. We have to go there, we thought. The diner itself looks pretty cool. A very retro design, a lot of beer variations and delicious Ben & Jerry ice cream. The burgers itself were OK, but didn’t convince us, which is no surprise because we are very spoiled in terms of Burgers. The burgers were a little bit too small and the bread looked like the one used in McDonalds. Nevertheless, this place was a good choice and we would come back, but only for ice cream or milkshakes, not for burgers.


Norr Mälarstrand 64

We let our evening fade away at Mälarpaviljongen. Mälarpaviljongen is a LGBTQ friendly café, located close by the water. The view is breathtaking, and it’s a perfect stop for a sunny day. The staff is very charming. The whole ambience is super chillaxed and easy going.




Our first trip was to the observation deck of Fjällgatan in Södermalm. We got this tip out of a Marco Polo guide. The view was simply breathtaking and we could see the complete village of Stockholm, including the amusement park.

We basically walked everywhere, therefore we had to make a few beer stops, in order to rest. We had our first Swedish beer in a bar called Harvest Home in Södermalm. We found it on our way to the Meatball restaurant.

On Thursday, we decided to do a hop on hop off tour. The tour was interesting, we finally had the chance to see the parts of Stockholm that were too far away to walk to.


Vasa museum

We left our tour at Djurgarden because we wanted to visit the famous Vasa museum. For those who don’t know Vasa: The vasa is an ancient ship, which sank during its maiden voyage in the port of Stockholm. The ship was only salvaged in the 20th century.

The salvaged ship is 7 decks high and can be marveled from bridges and extra constructions. The ship is the main attraction, but there are some other parts in the museum as well, which tell the story of the ship, the sailors and its shipwreck. Unfortunately, it’s not allowed to take pictures.

The vasa museum is a must for every Stockholm tourist.


Gamla Stan & Kungshallen

The Palace of Stockholm is located in Gamla Stan. We strolled through the alleys and streets up to Kungshallen. This huge hall is filled with restaurants of all different nationalities. There is a little Swedish restaurant / cafe located not far away from the main entry with an excellent price-performance ratio. The restaurants are mostly self-served restaurants. The prices were OK, although the drinks were too expensive at some places.


We spent the next day shopping in Södermalm. A lot of cute shops are located in this area and we were once again smitten by the friendliness of the locals. Södermalm is definitely the right place for shopping. Some other shopping areas would be for example östermalm but we preferred Södermalm.


Sweden is definitely one of the most accepting countries in terms of LGBTQ people. They don’t only have marriage equality or the right to adopt kids, they have so called gender neutral pre-schools.

If you walk along the Götgaten in Södermalm, you can find a lot of LGBTQ bars. We have checked some out and they were pretty amazing. The best part of Stockholm is that you don’t even need to go to a gay or lesbian bar because you are welcomed everywhere. We had a very very positive impression of Sweden and loved the country and its openness.