Rhodes – our first and only package holiday

For the first time, we decided to book a holiday via a local tourist office.  Our airport of departure was Frankfurt, which is 2hrs away from our home. We parked our car at “A-Parking” in Frankfurt City. We paid 52€ which is totally ok. The service was top; our car was parked in an underground parking and right after arrival we were escorted to the airport. Same for the arrival in Frankfurt airport, the bus was there in 15 min and everything went smoothly. We have tried many parking’s at Frankfurt airport so far, but this one is the best! 100% recommendable.



Sentido Port Royal Villas & Spa

The hotel is located in Kolymbia, and the beach is within walking distance. Our overall impression was OK, although it should have never been classified as a 5***** hotel.

The hotel complex is quite new; the rooms are modern furnished. Unfortunately, the hotel didn’t pay attention to details. We made the experience that the bedsheets were dirty on some parts and the mountings in the bathroom were whitened from using too strong cleaning products. A very positive thing of the hotel was the all-inclusive offer for 30€ per day. Pretty awesome, you can book it whatever days you want and the cocktails were great. Thank god the alcohol was real. Without this package, a cocktail is quite expensive.




The beach was located within walking distance of the hotel in Kolombya. It was lovely. Clear water, and almost no waves. The water temperature was a little bit too cold for June but it didn’t stop us from snorkeling and playing with our water-matrass.  Snorkeling was great, and in case you don’t have a go-pro, you can get a small underwater camera for 10€ at the local souvenir store.  We loved the small bistro at the beach, they served good food and drinks for reasonable prices.



There was also an opportunity to go jet-skiing, but 25€ for 10 min was a little bit too much for us.



Kolymbia is a small, tourist place, located between Lindos and Faliraki. The shops are exclusively selling fake brand products, soups and souvenirs from Rhodes. If you are into buying souvenirs, Kolymbia is definitely the place because they are much more expensive in Rhodes Town, Lindos or Faliraki. Very typical for this island are the olive-based products and lucky charms with the eye (like the ones from Turkey). Kolymbia offers a range of different bars, and it doesn’t matter which day it is, they are always well visited. Our favorite bar was the Statues Bar because they had happy hour until 23:00. If you order one cocktail, you get a second one served – pretty cool!


Taverna Manolis

We would like to recommend the Taverna Manolis, located directly at the main road. Amazing price-performance ratio, and delicious traditional Greek food and wine. ½ Liter of the house wine is 5€. We didn’t get any food in our hotel the last day, so we only found out about this awesome restaurant when we were about to leave, otherwise we would have come here more often.


Rhodes Town

We decided to take the bus to the old town of Rhodes on our third day on the island. The bus was 3€ and the bus stop was located 200m from our hotel away. The village its definitely worth a visit! The ancient city walls are surrounding small streets and shops. In the village itself, you are able to find a lot of small souvenir shops, taverns and gardens. The rest of Rhodes Town isn’t that pretty at all. Please watch out for the crazy drivers, they don’t pay attention of pedestrians.



The village was definitely our favorite part of our day trip to Rhodes town.



Due to the fact we didn’t want to spent all our days in our hotel we decided to go out to Faliraki, after we enjoyed the day drinking cocktails (we have purchased an all inclusive ticket). The taxi ride took about 20 min and cost 20€. Faliraki is definitely the party place of Rhodes. There is one bar after another and the waiters try to drag you into theirs by using buy one get one free tricks. We have been to 2-4 bars and one club. The club was super cool, we paid 5€ and got 1 drink for free, including bottled beers. Faliraki is definitely the place to be in terms of party but we couldn’t imagine spending 11 whole days in a row there


Road trip to the south

On Monday, we decided to rent a car and explore the island well equipped with our Marco Polo guide. 



We drove 70 km south, to a place called Prasonisi. Prasonisi is the most Sothern part of the island, where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a really cool place to kite-surf, but we don’t recommend swimming there, the water and the beaches around are pretty dirty.



We left Prasonisi and headed towards Lindos. On our way to Lindos, we found this cute beach by coincidence, called Mojito Beach, located not far away from Gennadi. It was the most beautiful beach on the whole island and they even had this cute tropical cocktail bar there. It was such a shame that this place was too far away from our hotel, we wanted to come back so badly.

Our last stop was Lindos. We could see the Akropolis on our way there already, combined with a breathtaking view over the whole small village.



The small streets and Cafes looked like from an ancient century and you had the feeling that the time has stopped. We have planned 5 hours in total to visit the village of Lindos but we had seen everything after 30 min, therefore we decided to check out a local cafe. The captains house was a great place to hang out. Not only because the beer was served in a frozen glass, also because the owner was very friendly. He showed us this room from the 18 century, where people used to smoke waterpipe. We spent several hours in this bar, talked to the owner regarding the current political situation and listened to his amazing stories.

He recommended us a good pizza place called Gatto Blanco where we went afterwards, in honor of the occasion. The price was ok, a little bit more expensive than imagined but the limoncello was for free.

Unfortunately, we did have a very unconfutable scene at the airport. They charged us 60€ for apparently having overweight, but that’s another story. Nevertheless, we don’t think that we will ever come back to Rhodes because we didn’t feel very welcomed and you could feel that for example our hotel was only trying to making profit with us. I know that we decided to book this vacation due to the fact that we had this crazy Italy Journey last year and we wanted to relax but we are just not those people who relax 11 days without any action.



No scene at all! We googled places but could only find a sauna and a gay bar (for guys only). We didn’t care honestly because we were not depending on it.