Trento – a city shaped by two cultures

Trento, or how German speaking people call it: Trient, is the capital of north Italian’s region Trentino-South Tyrol. After spending some days in the prosecco valley, we decided to pay a visit to this fascinating town. Trento is a typical…

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Roadtrip to Costa Brava

What do 4 people do 10 hours in a car? Right, they are going to Spain to the Costa Brava. We passed the French highways and drove right into Spain. This was a quite spontaneous trip, we didn’t have a…

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Rhodes – our first and only package holiday

For the first time, we decided to book a holiday via a local tourist office.  Our airport of departure was Frankfurt, which is 2hrs away from our home. We parked our car at “A-Parking” in Frankfurt City. We paid 52€…

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Cologne is a fantastic town. Thanks to the short distance of 2 hours, we sometimes just go there on a Saturday to enjoy the good weather, food or shopping. Not to forget from our nearly monthly hairdresser’s visit. Cologne provides…

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Zurich – survival & city guide

Zurich is an only 5 hours’ drive away from Luxembourg. First of all: We both love Switzerland. As an Austrian native, I am missing mountains, fresh air and the dialect all the time. My girlfriend on the other hand loves…

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Pula – a trip to Istria

Croatia – a country which has recovered pretty well after the war in Yugoslavia is now known for its stunning holiday resorts which are growing like trees at the beautiful Riviera. We booked out trip last minute, and flew with…

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