Discovering the idyllic scene of northern Italy – A trip to the Prosecco area

After spending one week with family and friends in Austria, we were craving for some real vacation. We booked 2 nights in north Italy, a province called Treviso. The village was called Maser and was located close to the famous prosecco street. Our hotel was very close to the family owned winery, which was perfect for us.

The friendly owner gave us a lot of great trip tips and managed to organize a tour in their winery including a prosecco tasting.



Agriturismo Sant’Andrea

The best part of our amazing accommodation was the exquisite breackfast and the idyllic flair.  Our room was furnished very vintage, but it matched with the hotels concept. Everything was clean and we felt home after one second. We have never seen a breackfast like this before: so much self-made food which we enjoyed on the terrace in the middle of the wine-yard. We were able to chill and reload our batteries from the first moment. Although we arrived one hour prior check in, they had already prepared our room. The hotel was totally LGBTQ-friendly and we felt very welcoming and accepted.




Tour through the cellars of Martignago

Definitely on of our highlights of this trip was the guided tour through an actual prosecco yard. After the tour, the owner offered us several types of prosecco to try. The Martignago prosecco is according to the highest quality standards and has been qualified as DOCG. DOCG is like a certificate of origin and the G is for quality excellence. The harvest time of the grapes is usually in the beginning of September. We came at a very convenient time, the cellar was cleaned and we could check out everything. You are only allowed to call the sparkling wine prosecco if the grapes come from this certain area, basically from the prosecco street or Maser. The prosecco of Martignago is divided in different levels of sugar: extra dry is the sweetest of them, extra brut is without sugar. The tour we participated was organized by the owner and especially for us. Thanks, again for the efforts of talking English and explaining everything so perfectly to us.




There is not much around, expect some prosecco cellars. There are several outlets like Hilfiger, Northface, Replay located in direction of Montebelluna.  Although they have one very good restaurant in Maser, which is next to our accommodation: Agriturismo Sant’Andrea – the spaghetti with seafood and the gnocchi were simply amazing!


Bassano del Grappa

We visited Bassano del Grappa on our first day. It was approximately 30km away from our hotel in Maser. Life only starts after 15:00 in Bassano, please don’t be scared if the streets are empty before 3. We have definitely found the Italian flair we have been looking for: typical Italian architectural style, small allays, sweet decent cafés and shops with local specialties.



Like you can guess from the name, Bassano del grappa is THE place for grappa. There are several distilleries which are open for visit. One of the most famous one is “Poli”. The entry at the museum is for free, as well as testing grappa. Another very cozy and good distillery is “Nardini”. Nardini has its business directly in front of the old wooden bridge: Ponte degli Alpini from 1569. Local tip for drinks: Go to Leon Bar at Piazza Liberta. IF you would like to enjoy your prosecco at the breda river with an amazing view over Ponte degli alpi, please go to Ostaria ca Brando!



Prosecco street

The Strada del Prosecco is about 35 cm, starts in Valdobbiadene and ends in Conegliano. We started our tour (with the car unfortunately) in Valdobbiadene.



On our way to Santo Stefano we noticed this wonderfull viewing platform, we were able to see over the whole valley. There is a parking close to the Osteria alla Terrazza from which the viewing point is accessable.



Afterwards we headed towards Santo Stefano – Guia – Combai – Miane – Follina – Cison di Valmarino and stopped at Lago di Lago. The lake is unfortunately not very clean and I wouldn’t recommend swimming there, but the view and the nature was breathtaking. Finishing our sunbaths, we decided to take the route to Tarzo – Corbanese – Bagnolo and our final destination Conegliano. We had an unforgettable day and saw some really cool places. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel that well that day and we couldn’t go hiking in the wine yards.



Food & drinks

Bar Oficina di Paul e Peter
Via Ponte di Pagnano 9, 31011 Asolo, Italia

We would like to mention a bar, we only discovered by coincidence. We were not aware of the fact that most restaurants and cafes were closed during august-holidays in this area on weekdays, due to that we had some troubles finding food on our last day. The few pizza place in Maser or Asolo were closed. Faith brought us to this really really hidden place close to Asolo, which was called: Bar Oficina di Paul e Peter. The bar was in the middle of nowhere. It was strange to see that although there is nothing nearby, the bar was well visited. The people there were super friendly and they had food! I bet you can imagine how excited we were. The bar is a mix between hipster style and chic: great music, delicious cocktails and a good atmosphere.




We felt very accepted. I guess people noticed that we were a couple, but they seemed to be very open minded in this area. Everybody treated us well. Italy seems to be a quite safe country for queer people and we didn’t experience any discrimination. A funny thing happened though; We were asked in the hotel if its ok to sleep in a queen-size bed.