Milano – the capital city of Lombardy

Milano was a present for my girlfriend. I couldn’t believe it, when she told me that she has never been to Italy before. Never eaten a real Italien Pizza? I couldn’t imagine that and therefore the trip was the perfect opportunity. Traveling to Milano from Luxembourg was quite easily. The plane took about 1,5 hours and we communed to city center by train. We used the tram for the last kilometers to our hotel. The trams were our first highlight: They are so retro! The wagons are from prewar time but in a very good condition.



We found the Enterprise Hotel Design & Botique via booking. The nice receptionist upgraded us to a small suite next to the main building. Lucky us! The suite was perfect. It was very clean. We were a little bit scared in the beginning because we know that Italy is usually not known for their cleanliness but we were very impressed by it.



Equipped with a tram ticked, we headed towards the city center, to check out the famous Duomo di Milano. Our original plan was to go inside the dome but there were just too many people queuing up in front. We strolled along small alleys and went into Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Unfortunately, we were not able to buy anything because the designer brands are quite expensive but it was very nice to look. We went shopping in the streets next to the Galleria, where cloths were affordable.



On our second day, we decided to do something very touristic and booked a hop on hop off tour. We passed a lot of attractions, including the Inter Milano stadium. Our favorite part was the Bohemian part of the town called Brera. We discovered a couple of good restaurants and cafes.



Food & drinks

Osteria del Sognatore

Via Morimondo, 1

Please don’t get scared by the fact that the toilet is very Italian (means only a whole). The food is delicious. We both had pasta and it was simply amazing. The restaurant is located in an area offside the regular tourist places. Very authentic and reasonable prices. The restaurant can be reached by tram.


il Kaimano

Via Fiori Chiari, 20

Very good restaurant in Brera. We have tasted the traditional Risotto Milanese, a risotto which usually includes a lot of saffron. The saffron is the reason why the risotto is very yellowish. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience! We were truly impressed. Definitely recommendable and a must to try in Milano! PS: limoncello is for free.



Brera is a very nice area do go out or just chill around on a terrace. There are a lot of cute bars and cafés.



We were super lucky in Milano. We got in touch with a young woman from Milano via the lesbian platform shoe, who recommended us Rhabar. Rhabar is super easy to reach via tram and not far away from the restaurant Osteria del Sognatore. The bar is super chill and the furniture is made from pallets. There was a Djane playing her set, the night we went, and a lot of girls were celebrating in this bar. We have never been in such a cool lesbian bar so far. It is definitely the most amazing lesbian bar (and maybe the only) in Milano.

Update 2017: Unfortunately, Rhabar has been closed.