Lou’s Diner – The burger heaven of Luxembourg

Well, first we would like to say that this article is overdue. If we would not always be so busy eating those burgers instead of finally blogging about them… but that’s another story.

Speaking of Lou’s Diner: We are pretty sure that you have all eaten somewhere a good burger, preferable in a restaurant and not a fast food chain. Forget about this burger, forget everything you know or think you know about burgers because Lou’s burgers beat everything. The secret of the burgers: fresh ingredients, local meet and bread and self-made delicious sauces. The owner has an eye for the detail.



The menu offers besides the traditional Cheeseburger and Hamburger some owners creations, for example the Kentucky, which comes with beef, 2 different kinds of cheese and fried mashed potatoes. Another good one is the New York burger: beef, cheese, tomatoes, and an egg. Really delicious but very big.

Additionally, Lou’s Diner offers self-made fries and nuggets, which can be enjoyed with one of his mind-blowing tasting sauces. My favorite sauce is the apple sauce – sounds strange but tastes like heaven.



One burger is between 7-10€, which is a really good price, compared to the rest of Luxembourg. Please note that the diner doesn’t take credit cards, you need to pay cash.

It’s not only the burgers which convinced us, it’s the location and the atmosphere there. Lou’s diner really looks like a real American diner (which is maybe due to the fact that the owner Steve is American). Some American sport is always running on the TV.



We like to go there because you always feel better after a good burger a cold beer and some self-made fries.

Address: 2 rue Grevenmaacher, L-6235 Beidweiler



Although he had a burger called Trump burger on his menu, this is one of the most open minded places in Luxembourg. Everybody is welcome at Lou’s diner, doesn’t matter which gender, age, size, sexual orientation or religion.