Cologne is a fantastic town. Thanks to the short distance of 2 hours, we sometimes just go there on a Saturday to enjoy the good weather, food or shopping. Not to forget from our nearly monthly hairdresser’s visit.

Cologne provides quite a certain atmosphere. The people are friendly and tolerant; we never had the impression that they would not accept us.



We can recommend you only the  MOTEL ONE . It is suited in the middle of the city center of Cologne, has its own underground parking, and is very affordable (approx. 88€ per night). The walking distance to the famous dome is 5-10 min. One advantage is as well, that one of the best lesbians of Cologne, the Blue lounge is within walking distance, and you can save some taxi fees by just walking back to the hotel. Don’t worry; we will come back to the Blue lounge later. Motel One is very easy going, the rooms are simple & clean, breakfast can be booked against a surcharge of 8€. Parking is not free at Motel One, but we have found a trick to handle this. For more exact info please write us a message





Am Bollwerk 9

A very good Thai restaurant, from 12-16:00 they offer a so called lunch menu for not even 10€. The. 5-7 main courses cost between € 6-12. The restaurant is suited directly near the Rhine, and you can chillex on the restaurants terrace with a good glass of Kölsch. The service is top, food tastes heavenly. We have eaten a couple times at Nakhon Thai so far, and every time was a pleasure. We highly recommend this place.


Dunya Imbiss

Krefelder Str. 13

This is the best kebap place in Cologne. Honestly, the kebaps are made fresh and it just tasts delicious! You can find it at Hansaring, not far away from Saturn.



Heumarkt 67

Sausolitos is a little bit like a Mexican Food chain. The cocktail map is gigantic, and they have something for every taste. The foot is OK. To go there for an evening with friends and going out afterwards, Sausalitos is the perfect place. However, you must be aware, that there is hardly a chance to get a table without a reservation on weekends. The waiters are simply overworked and thus it might happen that the food takes very long and things have been forgotten. Prices for food are ok, but the cocktail quality does not match the price level. Many cocktails are too sweet, but if you would like to have a cocktail to go (they offer this in a 6 pack to take away) you are at the right place. Nevertheless, some positive conclusion: The house DJ throws you in a good mood, the music is always good, but it also increases the noise level in the restaurant.





Engelbertstraße 63

The stylish bar serves creative and fancy cocktails in an elegant lounge atmosphere. A “cozy” bar in the heart of Cologne. The variety of the cocktails is very good. Prices are a little expensive; my gin cocktail cost around € 13, but the quality is impeccable and the price is totally worth trying one of their cocktails. The service is competent and they also react to individual special requests (on a cocktail base xD). I love their work cloths; the guys wear a white button-down shirt with a bow tie and suspenders. In Spirits, you can enjoy classic cocktails with quality ingredients, a must -Visit for every cocktail lover, even James Bond would feel at home there.


Bumann & SOHN

Bartholomäus-Schink-Straße 2

One of Cologne’s Hipster bars, located in Ehrenfeld. The drinks are served by the super nice bar man, and if you are hungry, they offer some grilled food outside as well. The bar is in a very cool design, reminded us of an old factory building. Party starts not before 12:00 in the evening. This place is worth a visit!




Please check out our detailed report for the Kisses & Lies party here!.

Blue Lounge is a combination of a “Kellerkneipe”, a cocktail bar and a mini-disco, designed for lesbian audience. The advantage is that the bar is about a 5 minute’s walk from the Motel One. We usually finish our party nights at this place. The music varies per topic of the evening, depending on the party they are throwing. Sometimes they have live acts there as well.

Update: Unfortunately, Blue Lounge has closed its doors in June 2017


We haven’t been to any other gay spots so face because most of them are men-only.


Cologne is THE city for queer people. Everybody is so accepting and ok with gay people. We love this city and the fact that people are so open minded there. Its really nice to see that there are some places in Europe where you can truely be yourself.