Kisses & Lies Party Cologne – 04.05.2016

Once per month the legendary Kisses & lies Party will be held in Cologne. We have been there 2 times so far. The first party was held at Gloria, the 2nd at Heaven. Both parties were well attended. We both preferred the first one because the Djane was much cooler and the music was more our taste (House / Electro). The atmosphere was excellent at both though. What however, bothered us at the 2nd party was the choice of music. The style was towards pop, but they didn’t play a lot of known songs to sing along or dance. Well, we basically think that such parties a cool thing, but there are still some improvements to make. The smoking area (and especially for a lesbian party) was a bit too small and the Men – toilet was not open for women. Just three toilets for all women were a little bit tricky.

The entrance fee was 10€ which was totally ok because the drinks at the party were not expensive.

We left the second party with mixed feelings. First, the music was not as great as expected and on the other one had they could have made a little bit more out of it, because there were enough motivated party. However, we think it great that there is a party exclusively for women in Cologne every month. Who knows, maybe we come back soon in order to escape heterosexual Luxembourg.


Here is the link to their page, and their events: