Roadtrip to Costa Brava

What do 4 people do 10 hours in a car? Right, they are going to Spain to the Costa Brava. We passed the French highways and drove right into Spain.

This was a quite spontaneous trip, we didn’t have a big budget, therefore we decided to take the car and booked a hotel via a booking platform.



Fergus Style Mar Mediterrania – Adults Only

We nearly spent 700€ per person for 7 nights in that hotel. We decided to get the all-inclusive package, since the half-board was not that cheaper and we could drink for free.

The hotel was fine; the rooms were clean the staff friendly but the evening buffet a little bit boring. They had almost the same food every night. On the 3rd day, we went out to dinner because we simply expected more of a 4-star hotel.



A huge plus point was the location and the fact that it was an adult only hotel. There is nothing worse than annoying children in your hotel. The hotel was very LGBT-friendly as well. Our extensive (and slightly drunk) kiss-attacks in the pool were only noticed by elder people. However, we faced again some problems in regards of sunbed reservation. Seriously, they need to have an employee on site to remove the towels – first come, first served!



The sandy beach right outside our hotel door was very nice.  The sunbeds were not for free though, but you could also lie on the free beach right next to it. The water was clean and the beach massages were really cheap, about 10€.



We got bored after two days at the same beach, so we took our car and drove to other, very nice beaches near the village Blanes.

One of the best things we did was jet ski riding. For approx. 20€ per person we could cruise for 15 min through the waves. The photographer made super cool pictures of uns. Unfortunately, jet ski was very expensive, otherwise we would have done it every day.



 It is highly recommended to rent a scooter and drive to other beaches. Despite some difficulties in

regards of the correct route we had a lot of fun. The advantage of a scooter is, that you can easily find a parking lot on the beach and most of them are for free as well. The price to rent a scooter per day is 50€.

We had a lot of fun in Spain and definitely drank a little bit too much. Santa Susanna is a well visited tourist-village but the food could be better. You don’t really recognize the Spanish flair because of the tourist load. When you leave the typical promenade, and move a little further north, you can discover beautiful places and small Spanish restaurants.  Our tip: Always be a little bit careful when a restaurant shows pictures of the food on the menu, sometimes not the best sign for good food.

We stopped in Barcelona on our way back, but you can read our full article here!



We felt very comfortable as an LGBTQ couple. People didn’t even notice us, although we behaved obvious as a couple. This was very positive and Santa Susanna is definitely a LGBTQ friendly place.