Berlin – July 2013 – our first couple trip

Berlin was a very special trip for us. Actually,  our first city trip as a couple. We went with a group of friends to Berlin and experienced so many things.



We checked-in in a pretty cool, beautiful and clean hotel called Cosmo Hotel Berlin Mitte.

It’s central located near Alexander place and totally recommended. If we would ever visit Berlin again (we definitely do wanna!!) we’d stay in the same hotel!



On our first day we had no plan about the things we wanted to do or see so we just walked around. At Alexander Place we saw the Uranian-Worldclock and the TV Tower. Later we walked to the Berlin Cathedral, over the Spree and to the Opera house. Our target was the Brandenburger Gate.



After a delicious ice cream, we went to the Monument for murdered Jews. A very sad thing to look at! The place has a very calm and weird energy, chills guaranteed! Later at some point we stood at the Potsdamer Place and ate a pizza at Vapiano’s.



Vapiano in Berlin was way better then in Köln or Lux. Or maybe it was just our hunger!! After lunch we went to the famous Checkpoint Charlie. Unfortunately, we didn’t take photo with a guard nor driven a Trabi. I wasn’t even allowed to buy a Russian Cap, on second thought, maybe the better decision. We walked along the Berlin Wall which had separated east and west Berlin until 1989.



A funny detail about the traffic lights is, that they tell you where you are. Eastside or west side of the wall (the design is different).

Later in the evening we returned to the hotel. Before we would check out the Berlin Nightlife we had to eat the most famous and best Kebab in Berlin: Mustafa’s Gemuese Kebab. To keep it short, it was horrible! We waited for about 2 hours. I don’t get why it’s so famous, cause it tastes pretty „normal“. After waiting for such a long time, we were expecting more. Afterwards, we went out and tried a gay bar (a disaster and not worth to mention)! The evening ended as a group of boys wanted to shoot a gang bang video with us. I AM NOT KIDDING!!!



The following morning our friends finally arrived. We made a boat – tour on the Spree and prepared for our Limo-Evening. We rented a pink Hummer-Limo and made a Kiez Tour in several bars. It was amazing! Indescribable experience! We were feeling like pink princesses. We visited so many bars, at some point I totally lost the orientation.


The next day we were – of course – pretty hangover but we managed to get up and into Dungeon. Pretty cool decision, we had a lot of fun! The Berlin Dungeon is after the London Dungeon second best!




Behrenstraße 72

This is a very fancy club in Berlin. Thank god, one of our frinds was wearing high heels. The club was big and we danced the whole night to house beats. Unfortunately the next day was already our last day of the trip. We did a Berlin Segway Tour. Totally worth the 50€!

Our trip to Berlin was really cool! We were lucky with the weather, hotel and food. You could say the trip was the reason for our next trips. Good vibes and good memories!!


Unfortunately, we didn’t see much Gay Bars or spots but anyway we were with hetero-friends so it wasn’t that bad. This was not our last time in Berlin!