Barcelona – short trip to Catalans no 1 metropolis

As part of our Spain trip, we were almost forced to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona on the way back to Luxembourg. Although our trip was just for a few hours, the city has left a lasting impression. We were aware of the “creative” driving skills of the Spanish, but in a city like Barcelona, the security risk increased to a complete new level. Well, no risk no fun. So, we parked our car at the first parking and explored the city.



We strolled the Passeig de Gràcia along when I discovered a Guess store. I LOVE GUESS. Of course, most of it is too expensive, or the store staff gives me a weird look (I’m usually in jeans, a hoodie and worn sneakers and a cap) but sometimes I cannot resist and have to buy something. My girlfriend is the same with Diesel, or Liebeskind. Or perfume. Or … actually almost all clothes.



Back to the subject: I got myself a classy pink watch (on sale of course). Barcelona is generally a paradise for watches, because my girlfriend and another friend bought as well some watches.


Food & drinks

We quickly made some tourist photos on Plaça de Catalunya before going to the restaurant. One of our friends has already been to Barcelona, therefore she recommended a very good restaurant in the Passeig Marítim.




Passeig Marítim, 36

The Shoko is located directly at Barcelona’s beach. It is a normal restaurant during the day, and in the evening, they push the tables aside and the interior becomes a Disco. Absolutely super atmosphere and a magnificent ocean view.

Prices for drink are I think everywhere in Barcelona the same, beer € 7 and long drinks € 10. The food was good; the desserts were particularly good.



We will definitely come back again to celebrate extensively; Barcelona is a very pleasant city for LGBTQ audience. Unfortunately, we didn’t explore the LGBTQ scene because we didn’t stay long enough.