Arraial Lisboa Pride – Lisbon pride 2017

Is there any event in Portugal worth travelling a couple hundred kilometres, I would answer YES – it’s called Lisboa pride!

The annual Lisbon pride “Arraial Lisboa Pride was simply charming and heart-warming. In the beginning we were a little bit intimidated because we had no clue how pride will be celebrated in Lisbon but after arriving at the main square, the Praça do Comércio all our uncertainties had disappeared. It didn’t matter if you were old, young, female, male, homosexual, heterosexual or trans, everybody was there and checked out the various craft tents, cocktail bars or foods. It was amazing to see, how everybody got together without judging or putting any labels on each other. It was a whole different level of acceptance.



The pride was very well organized and there were a lot of very affordable possibilities to purchase merchandise. We got some T-shirts, bags and buttons. Its always important to support the local organizations in order to keep up the good work.

The best part of this pride was that it was just a huge party where everybody danced with everybody and had a blast. The combination of good music, Djs and drag shows was the reason why this pride was an unforgettable evening. We met so many nice people and are truly impressed by the kindness of them. I guess having fun, accepting each other and party the whole night is what a pride makes great!

We hope we gonna make it to next years pride as well :)