Hi uniqorns


You are surely wondering who we are and what our aim for this blog is. We are 2 travelling-loving unicorn fans (well at least one of us is) we have been together since 2013 and we would like to focus on LGBTQ trips. Travelling isn’t just a nice hobby for us, it’s a philosophy of life. It almost never passes a month without going / driving or running away.

We are both working full-time in order to fund our trips. Therefore we sometimes don’t have enough time to perfectly prepare a trip. We check forums and blogs a lot, because we always wanna get to know the hippest LGBTQ spots. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of travelling blogs focusing on LGBTQ people. That’s where we step in: We inform you about places to be, good restaurants and events. In case you have any trip-advises, please let us know. Maybe your city will be our next adventure.